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Power line magnetic and electric fields

In 1921 - 1925 of the Miller, suggesting that the ether, capturing the Earth gravity at the surface of the Earth's surface has become relatively fixed, conducted experiments on a Michelson at a height of 6 thousand futov.Izmereniya speed ether at Mount Wilson yielded positive results. But the deliberate speed unsatisfying belief that the Earth moves relative to the ether with the speed of rotation of the Sun 30km/cek.Moment not have the amount of rotation of the planets orbital moments. T.e.chto else revolves, if the sun rotates the broadcast, and broadcast the planet rotates, the air speed of the wind on the planet should be approximately close to the speed of rotation of the planet. As for the Mount Wilson and has been recorded! If the air rotates the planet, the orbital angular velocity of the planets have to obey certain pravilam.Esli part of the ether is the formation of a matter, after the annihilation of positrons with electrons, we can expect to receive a response from the ether on the electric and magnetic polya.Elektromagnitnuyu wave could be interpreted as polarization of the ether. The speed of light in this environment would be postoyannoy.A electric field as can be interpreted? Make the air sample and the electron, if the particle is composed of the ether of an electron and a positron, then all particles of the ether turn to test its electron pozitronami.Ostalnye sreagiruyut and we also get the power-line electric polya.A de Broglie waves, so in an environment for electrons, and can only wave motion! Planets are moving in the direction of rotation of the Sun or vice versa? The law of gravity on the planet's rotation around the body clockwise or counterclockwise does not say anything! If the Sun rotates the broadcast, the broadcast must be rotated by the planet in the same direction. Layers should communicate planet ester diurnal vraschenie.Fobos and Deymos are irregular in shape and in its orbital motion to be rotated to the planet is always one - the same side. The size of Phobos about 27 km, and about 15 Deymosa km.Etu idea I outlined in the journal Technology and Science in 1989. For this to the editors should have to list the 50 Soviet rubles. The importance of ether in science, technology and life. The existence of the ether, the definition of its properties is of great importance in our lives. Criticism or podderzhkaSTO little help in understanding the nature efira.Seychas when it is needed electrical energy hungry materials with special svoystvami.Chtoby get the materials you need to know svoystvaelementov, causes the crystallization of the lattice in a specific type. So we were taught that an electron with a velocity in its orbit will never fall to the nucleus. Is it true, if there is an ether? No, of course, and without great speed, he will not fall on the nucleus. Hence, the quantum mehaniki.I possible correction in the spread of the electromagnetic wave broadcasts have not yet said a word. They say there is such a matter as the electromagnetic field. So what. And this matter of something is. Not from the same vectors H and E! Air seems to me composed of particles-efironov, which is an electron with a positron annihilate. Otherwise, how can they be born? Electromagnetic wave-polarization of these particles. The Turn of the dipoles have a magnetic field. The sun rotates the broadcast, and broadcast the planet rotates. Therefore, Michelson does not nameryal 30km / sec. In Miller's ether wind speed was at the Earth's surface about 1 km / sec. and probably was right, but somewhere dikovatoy for the conservative right, and Miller's experiments were otvergnuty.Sm.zhurnal Technology & Science N6 for 1989 Here is what I wrote the VA Atsyukovsky 12.02.84g.1.Ideya about rotation planetary ether wind emanating from the Sun is not new. We have it attributed to Descartes, but in fact it is probably much older. There are two difficulties:-understand how the sun can rotate the air with such speed that the distribution of air to rotate the planet as they vraschayutsya.Sobstvennogo rotation of the Sun that is not enough for at least two orders of magnitude. The rotational speed of the surface of the Sun is 2km.v sec. But you need to order 200km.v sec. Then all shodilos.Tsirkulyatsiya movement of the planets decreases, but not, as expected in the Water. Here truth is facilitating circumstances: if you take into account the compressibility of the ether, it's all right, everything will be just as happening. But the difficulty of the previous is not solved. How it be I do not know. Sincerely VA Atsyukovskiy.Konechno if the Sun and planets revolved with the same angular velocity may be employed to calculate gidrodinamiki.Netrudno laws that still make the annual rotation of Earth to orbit the sun during this time rotated 14 times. To accurately describe these relationships need to know the properties of the ether. G. Filipenko. Search ether. Air carries the planet, not naoborot.Solntse rotates efir.Iz angular velocities of the planets shows that the farther the planet from the Sun so it is less than the angular velocity, ie as if the planets revolve in some liquid. In this case, the Earth must not be broadcast almost no wind or should be. I think that ether wind need to go in the direction of East-West and its value at the Earth's surface would not exceed 1 km / sec.

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